Order fulfillment is based on a complex series of interconnected processes that start with receiving orders, picking, packing them, and finally shipping orders. One of the most crucial processes in order fulfillment is picking and packing service.

Post-Edge Fulfillment makes order fulfillment hassle-free and less painful for you. We streamline the logistics and supply chain process. Our cost-efficient method of shipping and pick and pack warehouse is perfect for complex and challenging orders.


With our pick and pack fulfillment services, you can stay assured that each item from the customer's order will be picked correctly and packed efficiently in the perfect shipping package. Everything is carefully packaged to maximize safety and avoid any damage during shipping. In order to ensure timely delivery to the carrier, we pick and pack orders promptly.

Post-Edge Fulfillment ships your packages accurately through our advanced and best-in-class pick and pack warehouse services and cloud-based warehouse management system. Customized packing means your product fits in perfectly, and there is no chance of any damage being done during delivery. We perform pic and pack fulfillment with 99.99% accuracy. If we ever make a mistake, we'll cover 100% of the costs to pick up and reship another order. Constant technological advancement and a desire to serve our customers with the most premium pick and pack fulfillment make us the best fulfillment center and service provider in the industry.