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Successfully managing high-volume fulfillment = Successful growth of your business

If you sell or ship products directly to your customers or as a 3PL fulfilling orders, you have to keep in mind that your business heavily depends on how you fulfill orders. Order fulfillment is a crucial aspect of your business, and a poor fulfillment experience can damage your reputation among the customers.

Order fulfillment experience can make or break your existence in the digital marketplace

Customers are more concerned about the fulfillment and delivery experience, and their whole purchase depends on how you fulfill their orders. If you want to retain your customers and build lasting relationships with them, you have to meet their expectations of same-day or next-day deliveries and an easy return process. Delayed deliveries and wrong orders can frustrate your customers, and they will eventually use social media platforms to express their anger about your unsatisfactory fulfillment services. Those businesses that cannot meet their customers’ delivery expectations might not last long.

Delivering a flawless fulfillment experience is difficult,
but scaling up fulfillment is way more challenging!
Delayed Orders

If somehow you do not receive an order right when it was placed either from your eCommerce or order management systems, it directly affects your delivery window and cause delayed deliveries.

Excessive Demand

Old and outdated warehouses and rigid systems cannot handle excessive demands and customer expectations on a daily basis. You will end up hiring more people to smoothly handle all the orders.

Shipping Charges

Warehouse and order delays cut down your delivery window and leave you with no choice but to go for an expensive carrier for quick and timely deliveries.

Updates & Innovation

The dynamics of the digital market and online sales are transforming continuously. You need flexible systems to avoid mistakes as your old system is not enough to keep up with the constant changes.

Post-Edge Fulfillment keeps everything transparent and allows its clients to keep an eye on all the activities happening at every location. The distributed fulfillment centers give you real-time visibility and enhanced tracking.”

Decentralized Fulfillment

Gone are the days of large centralized warehouses as the fulfillment industry is shifting the trend of micro fulfillment centers. This interconnected network of smaller warehouses and fulfillment centers helps businesses meet the same-day or next-day delivery windows.

You need better Warehouse Management Systems to support DTC fulfillment

If you own a B2C or DTC business, you probably would know how difficult it is to grow as a successful digital entity. Traditional WMS are unable to support and manage direct-to-consumer fulfillment. Among all the solutions available, most of them are unable to support various channels, handle complications of smaller orders, and support the constantly varying dynamics of online sales and direct-to-customer fulfillment necessities.

An updated Warehouse Management System with added sales channels can help you effectively manage a fulfillment center and bring more clients on board.”

Our adaptable and advanced WMS and fulfillment solution is perfect for B2C and DTC businesses with abundant sales and orders

Post-Edge Fulfillment enables all the online brands and sellers to improve their DTC fulfillment operations and seamlessly manage all the activities to provide your customers with a meticulous and immaculate delivery experience.