How our fulfillment process works .

step 01


Get connected with our experts and share all the details about your business and fulfillment requirements so we can understand your needs and help you enhance your order management productivity. We will have a closer look at your products, inventory needs, and target market to make sure that we offer you the perfect fulfillment solutions.

step 02

Get A Dedicated Fulfillment Specialist

We prioritize transparency and clear communication with our clients. Therefore, we will assign you a dedicated representative who will stay in touch throughout the fulfillment process. All of our fulfillment specialists will understand your major and minor business requirements and keep you updated about the progress of your work.

step 03

Ecommerce Store Integration

The next step is to connect and integrate your eCommerce store. Our cloud-based warehouse and stores management system software is pre-integrated with over 200 ecommerce, accounting and shipping solutions. Our representative will stay with you and guide you at every step to make sure that the integration is fast and easy.

step 04


The final step is to send us your inventory. We start our work right from the moment when we receive your products. The quantities and product information are validated as per the packing slip, and in case of any discrepancies, we will notify you immediately and work together to sort out the problem.

When all the details like count, product weights, and dimensions are checked and stored in our system, your shipment will be stored in its dedicated bin locations at our warehouse. We will be ready to fulfill your orders when these steps are completed! Orders in by noon central time will be picked/packed and processed by carriers by the end of the business day.